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TranceFix Review: Somna & BLU EYES-Drawn To You [AVA Recordings]

Canadian “Benjamin Leung“, vastly known in the dance music scene as “Somna“, is one of those artists that have a deep connection with dance music. You can easily discover this when you listen to his music and allow yourself to be carried away by his beautiful aural soundscapes and lush magical melodies filled with emotional highs and lows. Painting mental pictures in our mind is his forte and when he is not releasing his music on co-owned “AVA Recordings” (along with “Andy Moor“),he releases them elsewhere feeling fortunate to contribute to the grand musical legacy of dance music.

For his recent release we find him back on his home turf of “AVA Recordings“, releasing the brilliant “Drawn To You” on which he collaborated on with singer/songwriter one of a kind “BLU EYES“. This one has vocal anthem written all over it. Upbeat leads flowing with positivity and addictive grooves serving as the mighty backbone of the track which easily get imprinted within one’s mind and a soul piercing vocal performance by “BLU EYES” that could melt even the iciest of hearts, these are just many of the characteristics of this release.

It is a beautiful Spring day with a fresh northern breeze in the air. The trees begin to sway this way and that as if dancing to some unknown symphony, silent to us mortals who do not contain the gift of interpreting nature’s movements. As we stroll through God’s Eden present right here on Earth, our thoughts are constantly racing within our mind. As we walk we notice the beauty of all that surrounds us. An assortment of lush colors can be seen spread out evenly upon the landscape, as if crafted by an expert painter. Admiring the simplicity of this earthly beauty we begin to smile broadly as we are reminded of the one that dominates our thoughts and dreams. No matter what we do, we constantly find ourselves drawn back to the one we love. We realize that no matter the hardships and emotional roller coasters we may find ourselves tumbling through, the laws of attraction are too strong to ignore. With these thoughts rushing through our mind like a strong current, we let ourselves go and are carried away like a twig downstream, unable to withstand the powerful lure of love. Knowing in our heart this is what we desire the most, we turn around and walk away in search of the one.

Released: 10/9/2018

Label: AVA Recordings 


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