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Breakfast – Looking Glass [EDM Recordings]

Breakfast is back! And boy, is it good to have him back… Ever since Dusk EP, he has worked hard at reinventing his sound, exploring different styles and doing things his own way. With the addition of his own label, EDM Recordings, he has all the freedom to do so. The label’s fifth release, and arguably the best, comes in the form of Looking Glass.

Mysterious, gloomy, tense and with a slight hint of hope, Looking Glass is a belter, the kind of which we were already accustomed to and have come to expect from him. Unique in his style as ever, Breakfast always manages to exceed expectations. The dark and mysterious synths are layered on top of each other, creating a brooding atmosphere, which is the true highlight of this track. A hopeful electric guitar melody on top contrasts the entire track, and provides that slight hint of hope in an already gloomy track. It is a track that is very hard to describe, but very nice to listen to. So I’ll leave you to it.

According to the artist himself, this track is a tribute to Dune. It’s about the ability to see the future. Well, if this track is the Looking Glass through which we will see the future of Breakfast and his upcoming work, I personally can’t wait until that future comes.

The track is out now on Beatport.

You can find out more about Breakfast on his Facebook and Soundcloud pages, as well listen to other EDM Recordings releases on Beatport.

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