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TranceFix Review: Anske-The Light In You [Coldharbour Recordings]

Our favorite Lithuanian producer is back with yet another brilliant release. “Andrej Anskinas“, known under his artist name “Anske“, is one of those individuals that put their heart and soul into their craft. Dance music has always been his guide and he has certainly given us plenty of tunes to love and cherish. From “Epika” to “Xplorer” ,his very own remixes of well acclaimed releases and of course killer collaborations, Anske has found a way to incorporate his own characteristic soundĀ  into every track he forges in the studio. His hard work and effort has certainly paid off as we have seen him grow and flourish in the scene, gaining respect from some of the industry’s major players.

His new release is entitled “The Light In You” and instantly included on the new installment of the iconic “In Search Of Sunrise” series, on the disc mixed by none other than “Markus Schulz“. Anske’s clear love for sunlit melodies is evident in this one. A sturdy upfront bassline lays the foundation for showcasing the serene, blissful melodies and sun drenched leads bursting at the seams with goodness and positivity. Truly a track that shines bright like the scorching sun, bringing light and hope to everyday life.

The sun is high in the sky in all of its golden glory as we climb atop our motorcycle. Engines growling we zoom off down empty streets. As we drive, we feel the heat of the melting asphalt and aroma of the fresh sea air along the coast. With elegant manoeuvres we slide in and out of traffic getting closer to our destination all the while containing our excitement like a trapped jack in the box. At last we reach, making our way on foot through the tall pine trees, an oasis of green. The gentle sea breeze tussles our hair this way and that and caresses our cheeks. We gasp as we find ourselves on an earthly paradise. Golden sand as long as the eye can see and seashells of many colors scattered left and right enrich the vision before us. Seagulls cry from high above, gliding gracefully upon the current while windsurfers engage in a bit of friendly sportsmanship as if flying atop the surface of the shimmering sea. What a beautiful sight that soothes the soul, we think to ourselves as we lay out our towel, taking it all in. We lay down soaking up the rays of sun among the beach filled crowd, feeling part of something truly special and fortunate to be able to experience this marvel of our planet.

Released: 7/9/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings




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