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TranceFix Review: Daxson-Blackcard [Coldharbour Recordings]

Dan Dobson” is back in the spotlight once more. The English DJ/Producer knows a thing or two about making a stir in the world of dance music and he does so exquisitely. Releasing music under his own name and his darker alias “Daxson“, he truly has given us all a true dance music lover may crave. True to his trance roots, each single contains that “wow” factor that gains our immediate attention. Tracks like “Skygarden“, “Pressurized“, “Black Magic” and “Fantome” are grand examples of his work. He does really well as a DJ also as his recent appearances at “Creamfields 2018” and “FSOE 550 UK” are among the highlights of his work.

Now he is back in producer mode revisiting his infamous “Daxson” alias. His newest track is called “Blackcard” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. One can expect to find a track jam packed with adrenaline rushed leads, chopped female vocal effects, big buildups and anthem-like tendencies, energetic and dramatic as they come.

Growing up we always had one thing on the mind. Speed and precision were one and the same to us. Years later we find ourselves here in the flesh, ready to pursue a childhood dream. We walk through the star crazed crowd on the track while vibrant music and enthusiastic announcements boom through the speakers engulfing the place as engines are eagerly awakened from their slumber. The crowd is just as enthused as the drivers fortunate to compete. We smile and approach our vehicle. Sleek and slender, cased in black sporting white calligraphic lettering on either side. We fasten our helmet and secure our position behind the wheel. On either side we see drivers as focused and determined as we are. Their faces are hard as stone, their eyes intent on their target. The checkered flag being waved is the signal every driver was awaiting as we charge off with ease as if we were born on the track. A mixture of nervous jitters and adrenaline course through our veins as we race along like the demons themselves are after us. With every lap gained our heart beats faster and sweat trickles down our brow. To the crowd witnessing the race, we are but a blur of colors off an abstract painter’s canvas. To us it is our drive, our passion that guides us, risking it all for the first place, for glory and recognition. Approaching the final lap we realize the time is now or never. Using our quick maneuvering skills and precise moves we sneak in and out of our adversaries’ vehicles leaving them dumbfounded. Making a quick break we manage to take the lead as the whole world seems to flash before our eyes in warp speed. We give it our all and zoom off, leaving our competitors behind as we swiftly cross the finish line arms extended up high, a sign of victory while the crowd goes wild.

I think it is safe to say that this is Dan’s biggest track to date. This will add a smile to dance music fans worldwide.

Released: 7/9/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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