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TranceFix Review: Fisherman-The Mission [Coldharbour Recordings]

Isaac Vissers” has had quite a promising year as we have already seen him churning out his own solo productions under his artist name “Fisherman” as well as an uber cool remix of “Markus Schulz” and “Delacey’s” collab, “Favorite Nightmare“. Aside from all that he has been eagerly gearing up for the well awaited reclusion of his very own “Airwalk Indoor Festival” which will be coming up next month in “Venlo, The Netherlands“. The preparation and lineup are uncanny as one could only expect from his vast experience in planning great events all these years.

We now see him back on “Coldharbour Recordings” unleashing his latest single “The Mission“. This is a track that has already received quite a lot of attention by the DJ’s and fans alike plus hammered away frequently by none other than “Markus Schulz” himself. What can our eager ears expect to hear from the Dutchman? Dramatic progression fortified by solid thumping percussion and soaring, infectious leads that attempt to snatch up our very soul while mere moments of ethereal melodies ease our ever active mind. This is an anthem if you ever heard one as it contains all the right elements to drive the crowd wild. Heart thumping and bass pounding trance at its finest, forged vigorously by an artist whose passion for dance music is both relentless and inspiring. “The Mission” is like a mind altering tune played out by a modern day pied piper who is determined to lure us onto the dance floor where we lose all inhibitions and dance the night away serenaded and guided by his fine blend of hypnotic beats. Mission, successful!

Released: 21/9/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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