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TranceFix Review: Dylhen-The Upside Down/Wonderground [Coldharbour Recordings]

Russell Greer,known to the world of dance music as “Dylhen” has been in a production frenzy so to speak. His own unique style and ideas have got him far ahead and easily noticed as all his work contains that special ingredient that makes each track a sure thing. Each release has been new and exciting as he always brings fresh ideas to the scene. If you have researched his work, you are well aware that of this artist’s capabilities. Tracks like “Brouhaha”, Illuminate”, “Drift” and “I Dream” are all wonderful and charismatic, a fine blend of trance and progressive if you will. Aside from his production feats, he also attains his very own hit radio show “Resonate” and just accomplished another career highlight, showcasing his very own sound at the prestigious “Luminosity” event which took place at this year’s “ADE 2018” in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

His recent release is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings” which includes two very diverse tracks: “The Upside Down” and “Wonderground”.

“The Upside Down” :

This one is as many may call it, the perfect interpretation of one tumbling face first down the rabbit hole. Dark, mysterious grooves fueled by the underground side of dance music, hypnotical mind bending rhythms, bubbling tech influenced effects and pitched down male vocal one-liners. Underground escapades brought to life by “Dylhen”, serving as our host throughout things bleak and nepharious, a world where darkness rules and nocturnal creatures roam the land.

“Wonderground” :

Another dark gem here from the creative mind of “Dylhen”. This one serving as the younger sibling of the previous track. Our adventures in the underground continue only this time things get extra tense and pack a solid dose of drama. A wondergound for our senses as our guide pulls them every which way in this journey. Addictive, spine tingling rhythms snugly laying alongside weird monster-like sounds and a solid progressive bassline. Tension building inch by inch while spooky melodies lead the way to a gradual outburst of intoxicating leads, impossible to resist.

An E. P that is seriously that good and needs to be in any dance music fanatic’s musical library.

Released: 5/10/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings




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