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TranceFix Review: Arnej pres. 8 Wonders – Don’t Turn Your Back/ Society [Rielism]

An artist who has been somewhat under the radar for quite a spell has now resurfaced in a glorious way. The artist in question is well known DJ/Producer “Arnej“, a man responsible for countless gems and club favorites such as: “They Always Come Back“, “The One That Got Away“, “The Second Coming” and “Strangers We’ve Become (feat.Josie)“. “Arnej” is an artist known for doing things in his own manner, never following the current trends. Recognized by his distinct sound, a sound of which he is eternally bound to and always likes to throw in new ideas into the mix.

His absence from the scene was easily felt and his return under his “8 Wonders” guise has been embraced purely by the dance music community. This E.P contains two striking and upfront tracks that will shake the scene: “Don’t Turn Your Back” and “Society” and soon to be released upon Dutch DJ/Producer “Sied van Riel’s” label, “Rielism“.

Don’t Turn Your Back“:

This one is as ruthless as they come. Tech trance at its finest. Surrounded by soul clenching basslines, imaginative effects and riveting leads, this bass pumping trancer is equipped with the right elements to get anyone rushing towards the dancefloor with utter enthusiasm. Hypnotizing, scorching dance music perfect to reignite one’s passion and love for dance music. Peak time dance floor destroyer.


Another supercharger from “Arnej“, that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Easily regarded as the next chapter of the “8 Wonders” tale, this one is compelling, upfront trance for champions. Assembled ingeniously, containing a judgemental male speech describing the current state of our world and the so called fall of humankind in the midst of chugging basslines and leads powered with pure euphoria. A sure hit that will eradicate the competition.

Welcome back “Arnej“, we still need you!

Released: 12/11/2018

Label: Rielism



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