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TranceFix Review: Dave Neven pres. Ocata – Travelling [Coldharbour Recordings]

American DJ/Producer “Dave Neven“, has had his fair share of success these past years in which we have seen him evolve and flourish as an artist. He has given us a fine assortment of tracks such as “Drifter“, “Darkside“, “Bliss“, “Oubliette” and even vocal tracks such as his collab with “Ellie White” -“Try For Me” and “Nuttalya“- “Breathing Again“. Moreover he loves to experiment with remixing some of his all time favorite tracks, reworking them to his heart’s content. The results have been so gratifying that remixes such as his remix of trance classic “Take Me Away (Into The Night)” by “4 Strings” have been globally embraced by the fans and played out by some of the scene’s major artists at numerous events.

As an artist that can’t contain the flow of his own creativity, Dave has released another single on “Coldharbour Recordings“. For this one, the “darklifter” we all know has decided to dismiss his usual identity and form a new alias which has been dubbed “Ocata“. His new single is entitled “Travelling” and is also showcased on the prestigious new installment of the “In Search Of Sunrise” compilation series, on the disc mixed by none other than “Markus Schulz” himself.

An array of harmonic grooves and sweet enriched melodies unfold within this adventurous track providing food for thought while the excitement and adrenaline build as the track seamlessly progresses. A magical and mind moving track which falls into the deeper more progressive side of trance.

Visions of exotic faraway lands instantly pop into one’s mind. Forgotten broken down trails appear through the overgrown vast vegetation, begging to be tread upon and discovered anew. The sun shines bright from atop the clear blue skies as if beckoning to us to begin our journey into the distant unknown. Feeling the tension and curiosity of our kind growing within, we do not hesitate to plunge deep into an adventure of our very own and begin to dream of what we may discover on this forgotten path. An ancient temple now found in ruins, a shrine dedicated to foreign Gods or perhaps a natural paradise, uninfected, unaltered by human presence and interference. All this and more may lay ahead and it is ours to discover. Awakening from our daydream, we eject ourselves from our vessel of comfort and prepare ourselves for our journey, bit by the travel bug once more.

Brilliant display of ideas by Dave, giving us a track of freshly brewed anticipation and bottled excitement ready to be unleashed upon the world. Another gem wrought from the inner creativity and vivid imagination of “Dave Neven“.

Released: 8/10/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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