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TranceFix Review: Moogwai-Viola (Elevation & Astrosphere Remixes) [Coldharbour Recordings]

There comes a time when tracks which have been dubbed “ultimate classics” by the zealous public and championed by many DJ’s at events all around the world attain the aforementioned status. Tracks such as this remain deep in our hearts and every once in a while resurface in an artist’s performance and in turn remind the public of its existence and delight the audience beyond measure. One of these tracks is certainly “Viola” by dance music producer “Moogwai“. A track unique in nature and style, loved by fans of the whole spectrum of dance music. There have been several remixes over the years, all playing their part in promoting the track further and planting it deeper within our hearts.

A brand new set of remixes are now available for the avid dance music fan reforged and re-imagined by “Elevation” and the new launched”Astrosphere” project which consists of artists “Driftmoon” and “Robert Nickson“. Both of these remixes bring something fresh and inspiring to “Viola” and are out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“.

Elevation Remix“:

Mike Targanski”  (“Elevation“) from Michigan, U.S.A. is one of those artists that hones his own distinct style from day one. An artist who takes his music production seriously whether it is one of his originals or remix work. The same can be seen here. We see him taking “Viola” to new heights, as he infuses the beloved track with a pumping and slightly darker, techier vibe while complementing the distinct melody of the original which in turn works wonders for its overall performance thus creating an entrancing atmosphere of its very own. A perfect tribute to “Viola” which adds a good dosage of drama and emotional flow to the mix.

Astrosphere Remix“:

After the success of their first collab as “Astrosphere“, (“Fire Which Burns Us All“), “Driftmoon” and “Robert Nickson” join forces once again to remix this beauty. Their remix is totally different from anything else that we’ve heard so far. The guys pull out all the stops on this one as they turn “Viola” into a supercharger with uplifting tendencies. The duo add an essence of mental awareness and spirituality to the mix while including soaring leads inspired by the original which gear up the track towards peak time performances. Another brilliant remix that pays a sincere homage to the original.

Two very different approaches that will without a doubt shake up the crowd and deliver instant goosebumps when played out at events all over the world. Massive congrats to all the artists involved for bringing their “A game” on this release.

Released: 2/11/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 



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