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TranceFix Review: Fisherman-The Jaguar (Airwalk Festival 2018 Anthem) [Coldharbour Recordings]

What an extraordinary year it has been for Dutch native “Fisherman” (Isaac Vissers). One of his busiest yet it seems, as 2018 has been all about his solo productions, a few sneaky remixes and of course one of the biggest highlights of the year: planning, curating and performing at his biggest event ever, the “Airwalk Festival” taking place in his homeland. To commemorate this grand occasion he did what he does best: locked himself in the studio and conjured up a brand new track to serve as the theme of this extravagant endeavor. Appropriately named “The Jaguar” as it resembles all the creature itself represents and embodies. Here is a track that is both fierce and cunning, wickedly fast, curious and agile, darker than the midnight sky. Prepare yourselves for a full on power trip complete with aggressive leads, steadfast basslines and melodies touched with mystery and wonder, leading up to the magnificent crescendo, an outburst of energy that sincerely takes no prisoners. Imagine yourselves being placed at the festival itself, in the center of the dance floor while this is being hammered out by the artist himself. Let your senses and mind roam freely and surrender yourselves to the undeniable power of the rhythm, dancing lasers, stuttering strobes and mass of friendly faces. The closest thing to utter happiness, this is exactly what an anthem feels like.

Another tune of sheer brilliance added to the “Coldharbour Recordings” imprint, courtesy of one of The Netherland’s most talented sons.

Released: 9/11/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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