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TranceFix Review: Kenneth Thomas – Darika E.P [FSOE Parallels]

Another talent heralding from the land of the great lakes of Michigan U.S.A, has certainly been making waves of his very own in the scene we all love. The artist in question is “Kenneth Thomas“, known for his vast and versatile amount of releases on labels such as “Perfecto Records“, “Alter Ego Records“, “Coldharbour Recordings” and of course his very own “IAMPHOENIX“. His personal taste, eclectic sound and straight forward ideas are what have separated him from the pack all these years. One of his biggest claims to fame was mixing one of the volumes of the esteemed “Perfecto presents…” series under the blessing of dance music mastermind “Paul Oakenfold“, a compilation that still turns heads even after all these years.

His newest creation lies in the brand new three track E.P entitled “Darika” out now on “Future Sound of Egypt’s” sublabel “Parallels” run and curated by “Santos Torres” widely known under his artist name, “Monoverse“. Opening the treasure trove we have before us, we unearth three glorious gems sprung from the lively mind and speaking heart of Kenneth himself.

Soaked” (with “Goshen Sai“):

Diving deep within the enigmatic atmosphere of this mighty collab together with fellow artist “Goshen Sai“, we encounter playful basslines and wild percussion resulting in an aural delight: dreamy melodies infused with a spray of mystery which seem to give a nod to the trance era of the late 90’s, all the while sprinkled with dozens of effects that zip in and out of the mix invoking our immediate attention. Truly a unique take on modern dance music, an absolute stunner that will steal your soul away from the very first play.


There is a subtle tribal feel to this one deeply embedded within. The crystal-like melodies and vocal murmur define it while the melancholic leads steal the show. We can totally grasp the essence and roots of Kenneth’s sound come alive once more, revived magnificently to fit today’s current music affairs. Mystical, magical, breathtaking. A club stomper that will keep your heart beating in sync with every beat.


The title track of the E.P is as one may expect, the prized jewel itself. This is a tune that progresses beautifully throughout its duration, much like a bud blossoming to perfection. It is upbeat and straightforward. Peering within we discover enchanting melodies intertwined seamlessly with the most complementary bassline while residing at the heart of it all, a longing female vocal which sets the pace for the magnificent buildup that truly blows our mind, sending us straight to the seventh heaven.

If you are serious about dance music, do yourselves a favor and check this E.P out.

Released: 9/11/2018

Label: FSOE Parallels



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