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TranceFix Review: Markus Schulz-The Awakening (Transmission 2018 Theme) [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of today’s dance music trendsetters is without a doubt the tireless artist “Markus Schulz“. This year has been another special one for Markus as he set his sights on fueling his label “Coldharbour Recordings” with loads of great material from some of his favorite artists, was selected to mix and compile the newest installment of the iconic “In Search Of Sunrise” compilation alongside friends “Andy Moor” and the power duo of “Gabriel & Dresden” and tempted our curiosity by slowly unveiling brand new material from his artist album “We Are The Light“. You would think all that plus loads of performances around the world would be enough to keep him occupied but the man whose zeal for dance music goes the extra mile once more. Every year the hugely anticipated “Transmission” festival that takes place in Prague (Czech Republic) has a unique concept and theme. This year could be no different and so “The Awakening” was this year’s theme. Needless to say man of action, Markus stepped into the studio and delivered the official theme for “Transmission” once more.

The Awakening” is purely what the title describes. A sea of lush, serene melodies nestle at the heart of this beauty while the sturdy bass, calming guitar and leads fragrant of potential and positivity promise to tear down the harsh realities of the world we inhabit.

Imagine yourselves on one of the biggest dance floors in the world surrounded by music lovers from across the globe while flashing lights, bursting flames and smoke emanates from the DJ booth. Feelings of bliss, reassurance, enlightenment, tranquility and inner peace flood your mind and soul while the rhythm takes control of your bodies. You willingly surrender to it all thus vanquishing the negativity and harsh realities of our world. “The Awakening” is a celebration of breaking free from the chains of our society and grasping the unattainable, emerging a fresh and enlightened being who has discharged their negative ways.

Solid work once again by the mastermind that has given us so many delightful and memorable “Transmission” memories.

Released: 26/10/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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