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TranceFix Review: Activa- Revolver [FSOE]

Rob Stevenson” from the UK has been at the forefront of the dance music community from 2004 onwards. You surely know him under his producer name “Activa“. Responsible for some of the scene’s upfront anthems to killer remixes, Rob is one of those artists that seem to keep the fire burning from within, always keen on exploring the boundaries of dance music while educating us all what good music sounds like. He has sported tracks on labels such as: “Vandit“, “Discover“, “Discover Dark“, “Enhanced” , “Iboga” and many more.

Now he is back once more to close off the year in style. His latest creation is entitled “Revolver” and is out now on Egypt’s most famed “Future Sound Of Egypt“.

Revolver” is one of those tracks that captivate your attention from the very first moment. Reversed effects, pumping basslines, sped up rhythms and intoxicating leads each play their part and all seek a presence here while one may get considerably lost in the magically serene melodies included in the break of the track. Definitely a hybrid as one can easily pick out the many influences within. A good dose of uplifting trance all the while injected with elements of its much spacier sibling, psy-trance.

For years we dreamt of flying an airship as fast and as powerful as the one we find ourselves sitting in at the present moment. Years of patience and countless training have led up to this day of days. Switching on the engine and hearing the beast awaken within we feel a rush throughout our soul. Following all that we have learned, we apply our knowledge as we rush along the airstrip. With a sudden jolt we are in the air. We pace ourselves as we climb higher into the pure blue of the skies above. When all seems at ease we zip off tearing the surface of the sky like a razor, as a loud shrieking noise can be heard on the outside. We have embarked on a mission to save our world from the invaders that impose a threat on our world. With the stroke of a button we blast away into hyper speed and it appears to all as if we vanished instantly into the vast emptiness of the sky. We have left our world far behind and we are moving quickly through the darkness of space. Our heart beats like a drum but our exterior remains cold and solid as stone. Joined by our fellow astro fighters we assume battle formation, arm our weapons of choice and charge off in pursuit of the ones that dare obstruct the peace and harmony of our world.

Another club stormer by Rob which will without a doubt tear up dance floors and flood the airwaves.

Released: 3/12/2018

Label: Future Sound Of Egypt (FSOE)


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