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TranceFix Review: Rolo Green & Kolonie- Deeper [Avanti]

What happens when you have one of the most talked about acts of the year teaming up with another rising star which also happens to be part of an uncanny duo? The result is utterly dreamlike as one may realize from the very beginning. I of course am referring to English dance music outfit “Kolonie” (which consists of “Kane Harris” and “Shane Long“) and New Zealander “Rolo Green” known for his work under “Harper & Green” and his own solo work. All three of these artists have been paving their way to stardom with their tools of the trade: their unique grasp and take on dance music of today and their ability to create music that gets inside one’s head. Already attaining several hit records under their belt they continue on constantly striving to perfect the sound they have become known for.

Deeper” is their brand new track as mentioned earlier and is out on “Avanti“, a label that has been getting some serious attention all year long from progressive addicts from all around the globe. One may encounter smooth, deep, techy grooves which playfully interlope between darkness and light guided by a single phrase that hypnotically moves us like a chant. This keeps the listener questioning what may come next while our ears and mind are flooded with serene melodies amongst a tidal wave of sound which appears eager to consume us all with its might and beauty. This one is deep and mesmerizing. Perfect for reliving all those hypnotic, blissful moments on the dance floor.

Hoping to hear much more like this from these artists and may this be only the beginning of many more blissful collaborations such as this in the future to come.

Released: 3/12/2018

Label: Avanti


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