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TranceFix Review: Artento Divini & Radion6 -Belief [Coldharbour Recordings]

A smile forms across our lips when news of artists from the dance music scene join forces in collaborating together for a release. In the past year there have been several collabs between artists with different influences and mindsets all together. In this case we have two fine producers each known for their distinct sound and musical accolades syncing their creative minds as one in delivering a mind thumping release to round off the year in style. The artists in question are “Artento Divini” and “Radion6“. Their musical brainchild is entitled “Belief” and is out on “Coldharbour Recordings“.

One look inside this release and we too believe strongly in the musical creativity of these two masterminds. Metallic noises, reverse fx, whooshes and bangs serve as the openers to what may come next round the bend. Nostalgic synths, charged up leads and rumbling basslines await our ever eager hearts as each encounter awakens our emotions and invokes our belief in dance music anew. Several breaks and builds within ensure and stoke the fires of trance burning deep within our soul. Each beat of the drum, every clash of the snare and each jolt of the bassline build the proper tension for the main act: the long awaited moving melodies, surge of emotions and turbulent leads much like the death defying acts carried out in a world class magician’s final performance. Magical subterranean dance music perfectly tailored to stir one’s soul from deep within.

Released: 7/12/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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