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TranceFix Review: The Blizzard- Luminescence E.P [FSOE Parallels]

A new and exciting chapter in the history of the illustrious “Future Sound Of Egypt” label was the launch of their new imprint “Parallels” under the watchful eye of “Santos Torres“, the man behind “Monoverse“. Well equipped for the task at hand we’ve witnessed forty nine exquisite releases already, all handpicked and acquired by Santos himself. “Parallels” was a leap of faith in the right direction which has payed off ever since as loads of talented artists have graced the label each bringing forth their spell binding music.

The fiftieth release has now arrived and to commemorate the milestone we welcome back Norwegian DJ/Producer duo “Lars Nyheim” and “Torre Vatle Jensen” aka “The Blizzard“, presenting us with their new two track E.P entitled “Luminescence“. Rather fitting as they were the second act to release music on the label right after “Monoverse” himself. Let’s peer within and see what those restless Norwegians have in store for us.


A sturdy bassline lays at the core of this progressive journey-like track, complemented by a lively punchy percussion while the sublime ethereal melodies steal the show with their brightness, serenity and feel good attitude. Majestic tones and enriched leads alongside female vocal snippets seal the deal, making our ears scream for joy while listening to this one. Our mind travels yonder to open fields on a Spring day while an infinite amount of sunlight pours down upon us like a gift from the creator. One can not help but marvel at the wonders of our world, admiring the beauty and complexity of it all.

Luminescence” (with “Egera” and “Chris Antoine“) :

Blending the talents of four artists it sure is one to look out for. “The Blizzard” team up with fellow Norwegian “Espen Gerhardsen” known under his artist name “Egera” and guitarist “Chris Antoine“. We find a unique harmonic blend of sounds that work wonders on this track. A steady go get ’em bassline commands your attention while being fueled by melodic hits, stutter vocal effects and lush, luminous melodies adorned lovingly by Spanish Balearic sounding guitars riffs. The arrival of the colorful upbeat leads sliding in comfortably alongside it all make for a totally dreamlike track. This one emits pure joy and an air of confidence. One listen easily transports you into a tropical realm where long sandy beaches, sparkling waters and tall palm trees overrun the land all the while bathed in a golden light descended from the ever so clear cloudless skies above.

A great way to commemorate the fiftieth release on “FSOE Parallels“. The future is sure looking bright for this adventurous imprint.

Released: 14/12/2018

Label: FSOE Parallels


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