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TranceFix Review: Markus Schulz pres.Dakota-The Nine Skies Remixes [Coldharbour Recordings]

After the vast success of “Markus Schulz’s” latest album under his “Dakota” alias (“The Nine Skies“), it was only natural that the public and artists themselves would eventually crave a fresh set of remixes. This has now become a reality with artists from the “Coldharbour Recordings” family and beyond wanting in, selecting their favorite track from the album and in turn reforging it into their own fashion. Founder and label boss “Markus Schulz” welcomes back “Anske” and “Dan Dobson” plus “Jordan Suckley” to the harbour. All three are artists who hone their own distinct sound and have been paving their road to success for quite some time. It is a rare treat to see and hear them putting their creativity and influences to good use and in turn delivering such exquisite remixes.

The Spirit Of The Warrior (Jordan Suckley Remix)“:

One of the album’s high rollers and definite anthems is without a shred of doubt the 2017 “Transmission Theme“, “The Spirit Of The Warrior“. A track so overwhelming and epic that one would get instant goosebumps when hearing it played out, receives remix treatment by an artist known for his work on the harder side of trance. The epic orchestral trance anthem undergoes massive transformation. Jordan’s remix beefs things up with a heavier bassline, general psy-trance elements, vox effects, a classic Tiesto-like melody, reminiscent of his world famous “Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan-Silence” remix and a harder, faster attitude all snugly wrapped around the distinct orchestral elements of the original. A fist pumping high energy remix set on destroying dance floors on a global radius.

Searching (Daxson Remix)“:

Another standout track from the album was the inspiring and mind moving “Searching“. This one has undergone remix treatment by “Dan Dobson” who decides to remix it under his darker persona, the “Daxson” alias. “Searching” receives a grittier, darker, driving approach. The main melody, leads and choir are present here thus continuing to attain the soul purifying effects of the original while at the same time paying perfect homage to the track itself while enriching and heightening that atmosphere and building the tension a tad further as only “Daxson” knows how. A more turbulent and moving remix guaranteed t0 get people moving from the very first moment of play.

In Search Of Something Better (Anske Remix)“:

Another distinct track from the album due to its unique nature, is the spiritual, soul searching “In Search Of Something Better“. None better to remix this one than “Andrej Anskinas” vastly known under his artist name “Anske“. He immediately gets down to business by incorporating his characteristic sound to the track. The result is an upbeat, energy infused remix with insightful and dramatic soul clenching vibes emphasizing on re-inventing the spiritual main melody and leads of the original while at the same moment keeping it fresh and exciting. It requires quite a skill to pull this off and “Anske” aces it, bringing his A game and delivering yet another anthemic remix which will ignite the passion for dance in the populous, sending them straight towards the dance floor.

A fantastic showcase of remixes that do the originals justice and will bring smiles and goosebumps to all dance music fans out there.

Released: 21/12/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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