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TranceFix Review: Dan Thompson Vs. Solis & Sean Truby- Light Source [Interstate Recordings]

When word spreads of collaborations in the dance music world one can’t help but feel overjoyed. It is always of special interest to see what artists can pull off when working together as a team. In this case you can heighten your expectations as we witness “Dan Thompson” reuniting once more with the uncanny duo of “Solis & Sean Truby“. These artists had done so in the past and the result of their endeavor was the belter of a track “Aero“.

Destiny brings them together again as they put their creative minds to good use once more and deliver their new release on “Interstate Recordings“. It is dubbed “Light Source” and it could not be more appropriately named as you will come to realize. A tune of pure power awaits our eager ears.

Pumping basslines, turbulent frenetic leads, ethereal melodies tinged with female wailing one liners and breath taking builds are all present here making this a match made in heaven.

Faraway in a distant land night begins to fall. All around us what was clear and distinct now appears dark and mysterious. Long shadows loom across the land as loud cackles from birds can be heard from afar. The terrain appears unfamiliar as clouds creep vigilantly across the sky. Only a thin sliver of the moon remains, serving as our guide in this wilderness. The winds begin to howl like rabid wolves on the hunt for their prey while the rustle of trees and various fauna make things even more dramatic. We quicken the pace as much as possible, trying to escape the fury of nature. Alas, a flash of light ripping across the sky followed by a loud crash of thunder startles us all. A downpour of heavy rain begins to fall in infinite amounts with constant flashes of light following suit. Running through the thick clumps of grass, our eyes scour the land for a safe place where we can take refuge from the storm. Soaked and bewildered we continue on, running against the light. Our keen eyes spot a rock crevice that could easily offer shelter to us all. In we go and huddle up together to keep warm while bearing witness to the punishment brought down upon the earth by mother nature herself.

Another successful collaboration by these talented artists and certainly capable of reaking absolute mayhem on dance floors worldwide.

Released: 7/1/2019

Label: Interstate Recordings


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