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TranceFix Review: Darren Porter-Whiplash (Alessandra Roncone Remix) [FSOE]

A while back an artist known for his work on the harder, edgier side of trance presented us with the ecstatic tech trancer entitled “Whiplash“. That artist is “Darren Porter“, responsible for many of the scene’s high powered thundering releases such as “Inertia“, “Deep Blue” and “The Oracle“.

After the success of “Whiplash“, he invited Italian DJ/Producer “Alessandra Roncone“, an artist with a weak spot for indulging herself in creating tracks with uplifting tendencies, to showcase her remix skills and transform this tune into yet another super charger. An essential choice for the job at hand, as Alessandra’s abilities to churn out a tune have been proven in the field time and time again through her original work or remixes alike.

For this one she digs in deep to the heart and soul of the track focusing on its strongest elements and unique characteristics driving it towards an alternate path. Grasping the “Dead Can Dance-Song To The Siren-like” female vocal found in the break, she builds all around it like an expert artisan. The result is a fist pumping remix packed to the core with massive doses of uplifting energy, mixed in with the dynamics and epic feels of the original. This is an atmospheric super charger with unhinged leads and ravaging energy capable to fuel our musical entities for a solid week. In awe of the emotional state and strong presence of this one. Destined to be one of the club anthems of the year. Ultimately whiplashed courtesy of Darren and Alessandra.

Released: 14/1/2019

Label: FSOE


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