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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Another Dimension [Coldharbour Recordings]

Stuart and Ben Turner widely known to the dance music community as the “Arkham Knights“, have become a force to be reckoned with as they have wholeheartedly supplied us with some of the mightiest tunes throughout the years. “Knightfall”, “Legacy“, “Awakening“, “Into The Fire” and many more have become ultra favorites on dance floors across the globe and the same can be said about their enigmatic remixes.

The brothers are back for more, constantly striving to fill our days and nights with their eclectic tunes. Their newest release is entitled “Another Dimension” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. The perfect fusion of trance and techno has always been the guys’ forte and is brilliantly showcased once more in their newest creation. Dark techy and ominous moods can be found sprawled out amidst upfront futuristic trance leads and whispery female vocals that float within the break of the track like riddles in the dark. Fragments of mystery, science fiction, determination and wonder are all found within.

We always were under the notion that we were the masters of the universe, the supreme beings that ruled upon all other forms of life. Today that belief has been shattered like an upscale mirror into a thousand tiny pieces laying about the Earth. It was a dark gloomy day when unnatural noises began to make their appearance. The louder and stranger they got, the more we realized their origin was not of this world. A vortex of incoherent sounds filled the air while the world grew darker and gloomier by the minute as gray clouds covered the sun. When the unknown air vessel made its dramatic appearance, humanity came to a halt. This unforeseen arrival put everyone in a haze. Will we forfeit our lands in utter submission and hoist the white flag of surrender or will we make a heroic stand here and now ready to take down our potential foes with all the might and courage that have made our kind rise to greatness from the beginning of time? As the great airship attempts to land, it all comes down to the visitors from beyond and their intentions towards Earth. When that mighty door opens all we have learnt will be redefined anew and we will have to answer the hardest question of all: Will humanity endure?

Another vivid tune by the “Tuner” brothers who are masters at supplying our mind and ears with tracks such as this one.

Released: 18/1/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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