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TranceFix Review: Dirkie Coetzee-Reverie [Magic Island Records]

When one begins to ponder about trance music in far away South Africa, one name immediately comes to mind: “Dirkie Coetzee“. Dirkie is an artist whose passion for all things trance has coursed through his veins for years on end. He is utterly responsible for stoking the fires of trance in his own continent, while gaining a loyal following through his dynamic performances, his ability to create powerful, emotional and melodic driven tracks and of course for running his own label “We Are Trance” while curating his own trance events under the same name on his native soil. The future looks pretty bright for Dirkie who as an artist, continues to find inspiration in everyday life and in return pours all of that straight back into his music.

An absolute highlight is the release of his first artist album on esteemed “Roger Shah’s” record label “Magic Island Records“. The album is entitled “Reverie” and contains fourteen of the most precious musical gems, crafted by Dirkie and guest collaborators. If you love trance as much as we all do then you are certainly in for a real treat. Said album is an assortment of Dirkie’s finest work to date. There is truly something for everyone here.

If you love a great vocal trance tune, there are several that fit the ticket. Immerse yourselves into “Only The Beginning” (with “Jan Johnston“), “You’ll Find Me There” (with “Amy Kirkpatrick“) and “Won’t Stop Searching” (with “Diana Leah” and “Misja Helsloot“).

We also uncover some uber cool collaborations with fellow artists such as: “Pierre Pienaar“, “Adip Kiyoi“, “Rene Ablaze“, “Misja Helsloot” and a mighty enticing collaboration with a violinist who goes by the name of “VioLika“.

The surprises do not end here as the rest of the album is filled with some real high flyers, courtesy of Dirkie himself, all exceptional and unique in their own way. Tunes full of endless emotion, ruthless energy and epic undertones are all present on this album. It takes great talent to be able to add equal amounts of emotion and drama into your music as Dirkie has successfully done, while at the same time attempting to fuel each track with elements of power, mysticism and theatrics alongside uplifting tendencies. Seek out tracks like “Nymeria“, “Astraeus” and “Aether” and you will undoubtedly realize what I mean.

Reverie” is an album that any true trance enthusiast needs to add to his/her collection. I salute Dirkie and all artists involved for providing us with one of the most upfront, ecstatic, turbulent, magical and blissful albums there is.

Released: 25/1/2019

Label: Magic Island Records


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