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TranceFix Review: Mike EFEX-BX8 E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

Mike EFEX” is undoubtedly one of the artists that go that extra mile when in production mode. This artist’s showcase of tech-fueled sounds found in his own productions is a skill that has easily put him on the dance music map. His unique take on trance and progressive is his niche and he certainly knows how to put that skill to good use. “Proxima“, “Blackstone“, “Typhoon” and “Labyrinth” are perfect examples of his creativity and talent.

Now he is back to action with a brand new E.P on “Coldharbour Recordings‘” fresh imprint “Coldharbour Black“. Rightfully so as the “BX8 E.P” fits perfectly within the concept of the imprint. This three track E.P holds some very promising tracks for listeners that like things a bit deeper and darker than usual. Let’s peer inside shall we?

Chronos“: A name synonymous with time whose origin derives from the Greek word that means just that. One listen to this and you can easily grasp why it was so appropriately named. Techy grooves, hypnotic filled melodies and stripped back leads all embrace the minimalistic approach of this one. The listener appears to be in a constant race against time. Always moving forward, never looking back, while feelings of impatience and anxiety cloud one’s mind.

BX8“: The title track itself is the epitomy of what “Coldharbour Black’s” imprint is all about. Pure rabbit hole moments deliciously crafted by Mike himself. Envision dark grooves spliced with pounding basslines, phrenetic vocal shots and feverish leads and you are half way there. The big surprise lays at the core of the track. An eerie melody guides us along dark pathways surrounded by a putrid atmosphere while a real tempest of sound is underway, persistently pounding at our chest.

Berzerk“: The third and final track is one of the most creative and experimental ones out there right now. Expect to find abysmal melodies laying along tech-filled grooves, an assortment of various effects and saw leads which add to the heightening of the tension and mystery this one holds deep within. A track that easily gets under your skin due to its experimental and dark essence.

A brilliant addition to “Coldharbour Black” and an essential package for any “Mike EFEX” fan or one seeking music with an undergroundish influence.

Released: 25/1/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings Black


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