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TranceFix Review: Hazem Beltagui-You Before Me [Coldharbour Recordings]

Another artist riding the high of success is Egyptian DJ/Producer “Hazem Beltagui“. Hazem has had his fair share of accolades which undoubtedly includes timeless support by some of the scene’s major players. He is definitely one to keep a keen eye on, as he has been infecting the world with his trademark sound of which many have come to love and describe as “Melotrance“. While having his releases on acclaimed labels such as “Future Sound Of Egypt”, “Dark Soho” and more he constantly strives to fill the void within while keeping it fresh, thus perfecting his craft.

His latest release finds him on “Markus Schulz’s” esteemed “Coldharbour Recordings” plus a spot on the latest installment of the iconic “In Search Of Sunrise“, on the disc mixed by Markus himself. Quite an honor indeed. This single is playfully dubbed “You Before Me” as if part of a romantic drama. This could not be more appropriate as you will discover further down. “You Before Me” encapsulates acid-like synths, a steadfast bassline, semi-sweet, nostalgic melodies flooded with emotion and a tiny hint of despair. This one undergoes a vivid transformation, much like the jump from an uneventful, bland and one-sided life to an emotionally tinged experience complete with highs, lows and a future immersed in a wide palette of color. Such are the vast emotions flowing throughout the track and foretell of a life worth living, with perfect dosages of bitter and sweet making one feel totally alive.

Hazem has done it again invoking and harnessing our emotions through his music.

Released: 15/2/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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