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TranceFix Review: Dave Neven-Lethal [Coldharbour Recordings]

Illinois native “Dave Neven“, has been on quite a roll as of late. From performing at the latest “Coldharbour Night” in “Avalon” (Los Angeles), alongside his peers, to indulging in one of his favorite pass times, creating reworks of all time favorites from the dance music world such as “Rotunda” by “Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller” and “Eliana” by “Boris M.D & Khaz“, this talented artist appears to be ever eager to push things further, dance music always on the mind. His imminent return to the harbour was long awaited and doing so, he invokes his darklifting tendencies he has become known for, once more.

His new single is entitled “Lethal” and has already seen loads of support by the “Coldharbour Recordings” big boss “Markus Schulz” and many more. “Lethal” is a name absolutely suited for this thriving release. A track utterly relentless, ruthless and wild, it instantly grasps one’s attention. Including a scheme, reminiscent of ultra classic “Heaven Scent” by “Bedrock” is always a good sign for things to come. Further along we encounter a nearly contained amount of energy bursting at the seams, while dark edgy rhythms set the pace for things to come. Dave certainly knows how to build the factor of excitement musically, incorporating subterranean effects alongside a pumping bassline and various vox segments. Inspiring “seize the day” melodies flood our world, feeding the mind with new concepts and ideas, a dramatic change of lifestyle perhaps. The release of raw energy may signify the determination, courage and will power to conquer our fears and inhibitions exiting our comfort zone while growing stronger as individuals every minute.

Another heavy hitter by an artist that knows how to embrace our weakness for anthem-like tracks with dark uplifting tendencies.

Released: 8/2/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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