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TranceFix Review: Rinaly-Bioluminescence [AVA White]

One of the scene’s emerging artists comes to us from the land of the rising sun. Already stacking up spellbinding releases on labels such as “AVA Recordings“, “Maracaido Records” and “FSOE Fables“, “Rinaly” is one to keep a close eye on. This talented DJ/Producer constantly strives to excel at everything she attempts. Much like the sakura (cherry blossom), that is revered in Japan, due to its rare beauty and elegant nature, “Rinaly” has also blossomed as an artist, bringing us music with huge doses of emotion combined with an inner strength.

Back on the label she has made a name on (“AVA Recordings“), “Rinaly” proudly presents us with her latest labor of love, the dreamy “Bioluminescence“. From the very beginning we are thrust into a euphoric, power stormer where breathtaking aural soundscapes take shape and unfold harmonically among tough vocal humming foundations and scattered vox. This combination of opposites illuminates the track beyond measure, bringing to it an incredible flow of light, and inner radiance while the solid foundations emit determination and a fierceness to stand one’s ground, ultimately taking control of what lies ahead.

Easily transported to the world out there at its most enigmatic state. The beauty of mother nature can be witnessed in all its brilliance, in a tranquil state, quite graciously presenting us with food for the soul. One dive into the ever clear waters that appear before us, we witness a beauty beyond our world. The plankton, algae and various microorganisms illuminate the waters as if putting on a special light show for the unexpected visitor. Shimmering, glow in the dark patterns and floating jellyfish leave us gasping at the rarity of the scene we have before us. Nevertheless this is a world not of our own making. Upset this harmony and nature can be the most ruthless judge, delivering punishment with a savage cruelty. An intoxicating combination of fairness and power that our race have been in awe of since the dawn of civilization.

Another supercharger by Japan’s rising star that will bring her one step closer to the realization of her dreams.

Released: 8/3/2019

Label: AVA White


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