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TranceFix Review:Nitrous Oxide-Avalon [RazNitzanMusic]

Krzysztof Pretkiewicz” from Poland, widely known to the world under his artist name “Nitrous Oxide” has been a man consumed by his passion for music production. Since that fateful day he began working on dance music, he never looked back, constantly eager to share his musical creations with the populous that inhabit the wondrous world of dance music. Achieving unstoppable support by some of the scene’s major players, he has continued doing what he does best, fueling our hearts with his anthem-like productions, making our hearts soar with every beat.

One of the highlights of his career is the release of his artist album “Avalon“. Let’s peer inside shall we?

From the soothing guitar strums and sun drenched melodies of “Atacama”, which incidentally serves as a perfect introduction to what lies ahead, to the infectious vocal number performed by renowned singer/songwriter “Maria Nayler” (“Beauty Of The Night”), this hybrid of a release that combines artist album with mix compilation has a lot to offer. Any real dance music lover will rejoice with the sheer brilliance and emotionally charged music contained in the album you have before you.

Nitrous Oxide” has sent our mind traveling to new and uncharted territories with his vast array of emotive patterns, intricate soundscapes and soaring leads. For the task at hand, he has rightfully enlisted some of the scene’s finest singer/songwriters each unique in their own way. “Jess Morgan”, “Denise Rivera”, “Katty Heath”, “Ana Criado”, “Maria Nayler”, “Sarah Russell”, “Stine Grove”, “Fenna Day”, “Neev Kennedy” and “Sarah Lynn” all serve as modern day enchantresses, luring the listener along, charming us with the wide harmonics of their most precious instrument, their voice. A rare conjuring of magical music that soothes the heart and invigorates the mind. A constant flow of emotions and uplifting tendencies leading gradually towards pure euphoria. A state not easily reached in today’s world, much like the mythical land of “Avalon” that inspired the title of the album itself.

Three cheers for “Nitrous Oxide” for hoisting the trance flag higher than ever before.

Released: 5/4/2019

Label: RNM (RazNitzanMusic)


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