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TranceFix Review: Daxson-Bexley Square [Coldharbour Recordings]

Englishman “Dan Dobson“, has been firing up tunes like his life may depend on it. Recent releases include his ultra collab between himself and “Liam Wilson” entitled “Totally“, his very own production “Blackcard“, the outstanding remix of “Markus Schulz pres. Dakota“-“Searching” and his sought out re-imagining of the definite trance classic “Cosmic String” by “Marcos“, which has been hammered away at events of a grand scale worldwide such as “Transmission: The Awakening” by none other than “Markus Schulz” himself. Add to all that his residency at Manchester’s legendary “Rong” events and you can easily see why this talented artist has been in such high demand as of late.

Never idle for too long production-wise, we find him back on one of his favorite labels, “Coldharbour Recordings“, assuming his beloved alter ego, the “Daxson” alias. His new single is entitled “Bexley Square” and is yet another spiritual, mind over matter roller coaster of emotions. What can one expect to discover within? Moody, desolate pathways stand out before us, illuminated by female vocal fragments, complete with reverse vocal techniques, reminiscent to the trance era of yesteryear in which tracks like “Andy Moor’s- Halcyon” dominated the airwaves. Through the darkness a combo of blissful yet bittersweet melodies add a cool wind of freshness and an essence of light, while atmospheric leads and sublime breakdowns pluck tenderly at our heartstrings.

Bexley Square” must hold a special place in the artist’s heart. His ode to it, stirs our inner being, while taking us all on an esoteric journey within our psyche. Emotions pave the way to mental images, a recollection of flashbacks of happy moments that have remained locked away in our soul, while a part of us yearns to make the prodigal return to that special place once more.

Seekers of tracks like this unite and rejoice, “Daxson” is back bringing the goods.

Released: 1/3/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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