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TranceFix Review: Somna & HALIENE-Secret [Ava Recordings]

Some artists have realized instant popularity for their work on dance music, due to their ability to conjure up music that invokes feelings and emotions that the public can truly relate to. One of these artists is without a doubt Canadian “Benjamin Leung“, known widely under his artist name “Somna“. An individual of numerous talents, he is a master artisan when it comes to his craft. If you have followed his body of work closely you would have noticed his ability to weave together intricate patterns and emotional soundscapes that pull tenderly at one’s heart strings.

His latest single on “AVA Recordings” co-owned by himself and “Andy Moor” is intriguenly named “Secret” and is a collaboration with American singer/songwriter “HALIENE“. These two uber talents have created something truly special as one will easily realize after pressing play and get engulfed within the music. Meticulous piano solos, a breathtaking vocal performance by “HALIENE” that sends shivers down our spines, feverish basslines and ecstatic leads loaded with anticipation await the eager listener.

Feelings of loss, longing and melancholy arise within the core of our existence while we desperately search for the loved one we long lost. Emotions run so deep that we begin to witness shards of evidence of our special someone in everything we encounter before us. A ghost haunting our every thought and action throughout each passing day, making us question the reality we inhabit. Thoughts and experiences invisible to everyone else we hold onto the memories we shared and long for better days, keeping all deep inside the depths of our heart, a secret to all.

Mesmerizing single that seriously needs to become part of everyone’s music collection. If you are made of flesh and blood you will totally embrace this heartfelt, emotional tune. This one won’t remain much of a secret for too long!

Released: 15/3/2019

Label: AVA Recordings


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