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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Fall From Innocence E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

The uncanny brothers are back with one of the biggest releases of their career. These trendsetters have emerged from the underground and have become one of the most sought out artist duos out there. I of course am referring to brothers “Ben” and “Stuart Turner“, known as the “Arkham Knights“. Forging a sound fresh and unique, their fusion of techno and trance in just the right analogy has inspired some of their finest work. Their determination and hard work has lead them to grace some of the biggest events, festivals and exotic locations.

After a brief silence production-wise these two are back in full swing. Their new E.P is testament to that as it holds four new tracks and a remix. The E.P is named “Fall From Innocence” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. Let’s dig into this enticing package of tunes and see what we may discover.

Se7en Seconds Until Transfer“: This one contains bleepy distorted effects, reverse sounds and bittersweet leads all wrapped up within a dark coveted atmosphere complete with mind bending melodies and addictive basslines. One may feel as if walking alone in a desolate terrain absent of life, color and emotion. The absence of all these elements increases the expectation of something grand, an inner feeling, a premonition before the world we behold begins to transform right before our eyes.

“First Light“: Eclectic, mysterious and almost epic in full form. Majestic orchestral manifestations give way to subterranean basslines and an underground thumping cavernous atmosphere. A perfect merger between pure light and bleak motives. Atop high rocky mountain tops with the wind chanting our name like a whisper in the open, the feeling of freedom coursing our veins till without warning, everything begins to crumble and we suddenly plunge deep into dark ominous territories where night crawlers run free. ‘Tis a reflection of two opposite worlds that co-exist unaware of one another.

“Renaissance“: This is the deeper one of the pack. Flooded with steadfast basslines, echo effects and a natural progression, deeper grooves command our attention amidst hypnotic, harmonic melodies. Visions unfold of ourselves floating carefree throughout the vast emptiness of space. A perfect flow of emotions rush through our mind as we sail with grace throughout the final frontier. Total relaxation mode activated.

Fall From Innocence“: The title track is what one may come to expect from the brothers. A dark, anthemic monster filled to the brim with undergroundish undertones, steam punching basslines, female whispery vocals, melancholic melodies and mind intruding synths. Exhilarating at most yet provides food for thought and an inner exploration into unraveling one’s psyche.

Pushing Up (Arkham Knights Dark Path Remix)“: Evident love for “Solid Stone” and “Jennifer Rene’s” collab gave birth to yet another remix by the guys. The one they churned out in 2016 was a total belter embraced by all. This new endeavor took things down a different path. Pumping, chugging basslines pave the way to an assortment of tech-filled synths, spiritual melodies and a mystical choir alongside Jennifer’s enchanting performance, thus achieving an alternative choice that is both unique and inspiring to say the least.

A fantastic package by the “Arkham Knights” that will evidently gain tons of love across the world.

Released: 8/3/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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