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TranceFix Review: Cold Blue-…And Madness Remains [Subculture]

One of Germany’s innovating artists is certainly “Tobias Schuh“, better known under his distinct artist name “Cold Blue“. The past years have seen him unleash loads of tunes, featured on mix compilations and touring as much as possible. His sound is a unique blend of tech trance with a good dose of uplifting, a sound he has showcased to the farthest corners of the world. One of his recent claims to fame was mixing the “Subculture” DJ mix compilation, (which included a multitude of his very own creations) alongside Irish trance superstar “John O’ Callaghan“. Never idle for long Tobias found himself once more in the studio with the end result being yet another anthem in the making.

One peak at the title and you instantly realize you are in for a real treat. His new single is called “…And Madness Remains” and is out now on aforementioned record label “Subculture“. A powerful, adrenaline infused track capable of delivering major havoc on dance floors worldwide. A mixture of chugging and grunting basslines form the structure and pave the way for dramatic stabs, while eerie almost delirious, deranged melodies float with ease among dirty, gritty leads which emit angst and a pinch of mischief. A well balanced dosage of drama and intensity can be found herein which result in a total anthem that undoubtedly takes no prisoners. A marvelous phrenetic ride into the inner depths of our very own trancesanity. Another heavy hitter and genius production by “Cold Blue“. Seek this one out without further delay.

Released: 22/3/2019

Label: Subculture


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