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TranceFix Review: Astrosphere & Re:Locate-Crown Royal [Coldharbour Recordings]

We are all about collaborations when it comes to dance music as the result is usually something intriguing and special. Better yet when we see that more than two artists are involved as is the case here. New formed duo “Astrosphere“, who we have come to know through brilliant releases such as: “Fire Which Burns Us All” and “What Lies Between The Stars” are of course well known artists “Robert Nickson” and “Juraj Klicka” (“Driftmoon“). For this release they have teamed up with Dutch artist “Re:Locate” for a triple threat anthem that utterly combines each producer’s individual taste and limitless creativity.

This labor of love is dubbed “Crown Royal” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. What do we have before us? Let’s have a look inside: Glitchy, deep scratchy effects pass the torch to basic percussion, solid basslines with distorted reverse fx, aural swirls of barely harnessed energy amidst metallic tinged synths and nostalgic melodies. The main melody that emanates from within the core and in turn fuels the leads that follow has that certain upbeat touch that grasps a piece of your soul, enlightening one’s inner being with hope while the choir segment in the height of the track really brings everything together like a completed puzzle.

Walking along the dark, murky shores in the dead of night, we feel as if we have been forsaken and abandoned by all. The sky is pitch black and the ground we tread is barely visible. The cool soil makes squelching sounds as we walk while the stir of the wind in the reeds on the marshes adds to the desolate state of the place. When feeling at our lowest that is when everything begins to alter before our ever amazed eyes. Out of the darkness, spheres of pure white light make their dramatic appearance, illuminating the skies like heralds of things to come within the darkest hours of our existence. Blackness and despair that dwelt within our soul begin to diminish as the coming of the light signifies the end of sin and the dawn of a new day full of life, prospects and possibility. Something stirs deep within our soul and the birth of hope begins to flutter like tiny birds beginning to take flight for the very first time. The darkness that held this twisted world by its roots begins to perish as we gaze upon the illuminated spheres that gradually fade away with the promise of a new beginning.

A divine collaboration by these three that will undoubtedly play a leading role on dance floors around the globe.

Released: 15/3/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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