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TranceFix Review: Ruebx Qube feat. Mickey Shiloh-We’ve All Been There

Mental Health Awareness Month” is upon us and it is something that certainly has concerned and affected us all in one way or another. Some have lost friends, family or even acquintances that have struggled with such issues. The key is to never let them fall into despair and be there for the people that need us the most.

Dance music producer “Ruebx Qube” has felt this more than most due to a personal loss not so long ago. Putting emotions and creativity to good use he did what any talented artist would do, he decided to express himself through his craft. Deciding to confront this issue head on, he created a new track while enlisting glorious Singer/Songwriter “Mickey Shiloh” to deliver a passionate performance on “We’ve All Been There”.

From the very first moment we all tumble headfirst into an emotional orbit. The bittersweet, melancholic melodies and orchestral harmonies move hand in hand with the meaningful lyrics illustriously performed by “Mickey Shiloh“. They captivate us with their sincere character and positive outlook throughout dark situations to deliver one from what ails them and ultimately rid them of their own personal demons. Not all stories need to have a tragic ending and despite how hard things may seem at the moment, a silver lining can be found in all situations.

This song has been created to be one’s vessel to salvation despite the troublesome and furious waves that lie ahead, we can brave our inner storm and emerge victorious, cleansed and renewed. It’s motto has been received loud and clear: We’ve all been there, nothing to be ashamed of, let’s leave our dreary past behind and embrace our new life with a positive outlook. Never give in, help and hope are always present to guide us along the right path.

Released: 5/5/2019


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