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TranceFix Review: Nifra & Fisherman-Attack [Coldharbour Recordings]

We certainly love a good collaboration here on Trancefix.nl. Isaac Vissers (“Fisherman“) and Nikoleta Frajkorova (“Nifra“) each known for their unique presence in the scene and resourcefulness in the studio have teamed up once more to create a track together. The year has been a big one so far for the both of them. We have seen a fair amount of releases of their own material, as well as grace the decks of some of the finest club establishments.

Joined by their equal love for dance music, they let their creative minds roam free and they unleashed the riveting anthem you have before you. This creative endeavor is rightfully named “Attack” as you will discover further on and released on good friend “Markus Schulz’s” “Coldharbour Recordings“. Already sought out by the masses and frequently supported by the main man, this is a tune that is guaranteed to give you chills from the very first listen. Rhythmical claps and a rigid bassline set the tone as if preparing us for what lurks ahead. Buzzing synths meddle inwards while an imminent rush of soaring leads and melodic undertones seal the deal. Anthemic as they come, supercharged and exciting as can be.

One feels like a King of old ready to lead his loyal subjects into battle while the populous below chants in admiration and zeal in immediate response to the King’s courageous words and motivational speech. Adrenaline fused troops, armed to the core with a variety of weapons, ranging from long swords to battle axes and large shields that gleam in the sun are lined up prepared to fight until their last breath. Their enthusiasm can be heard from afar due to the loud clanging of their weapons upon their shields and loud roars in response to the riveting speech of their commander and monarch. Fear begins to creep into the curious hearts of their assailants as they await their orders while the protectors of the keep, fearless like the descendants of the mighty Gods themselves prepare to unleash their fury. This will be a day of honor and glory for all the King’s men.

One can certainly spot each artist’s contribution and influence on the track and it is ultimately this combination that makes it a sure hit. Seems these two have perfect chemistry in the studio. Here’s to many more collabs in the near future.

Released: 3/5/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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