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TranceFix Review: Kolonie-You Know Why [Zerothree]

The multi talented duo from the UK are back once more at doing what they do best, supplying us all with a serious slice of progressive goodness. We are of course referring to the British DJ/Producer outfit known as “Kolonie“. These guys have been making quite a statement in the scene as of late. Their majestic performances at prestigious clubs and events such as the “Ministry of Sound” in London and the “A State Of Trance 900” in Utrecht as well as gaining frequent airplay of their work on some of the hottest radio shows around the globe such as “Above & Beyond’s” “Group Therapy“, confirm it all. Kane Harris and Shane Long are the guys behind the outfit and are continuously striving to bring us some of the finest in progressive throughout their ever growing list of productions.

Their latest release is called “You Know Why” and is out now on “Zerothree“. Solid, rock steady progressive grooves serve as the backbone of this one while an assortment of wistful melodies soar through the track, engulfed by a swarm of flowing metalic-like leads, a well balanced bassline, selective percussion and the track’s imminent calling card: the retro-like vocal catch phrase “You Know Why“, sneaking its way in and out of the mix like a slithering reptile.

Future progressive at its very finest. Watch out for these guys, they are definitely among the heirs of the progressive generation.

Released: 14/6/2019

Label: Zerothree


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