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TranceFix Review: Kalbee & Raimer-Never Expected [Coldharbour Recordings]

Another stellar artist duo steps slowly into the light. These two were initially brought together via their mutual love for dance music and in turn vowed to expose their creativity that flows through them like a rapid current through their productions. Kelby Geffers and Jared Raymer are the undoubtable new guys in the scene known as “Kalbee & Raimer“, a dance music production duo that have already seen recognition for their music and ideas by none other than dance music pioneer “Jam El Mar” and the master of “Coldharbour Recordings” himself, “Markus Schulz“. A defining moment to be sure as this lead them to the harbour and saw them releasing their debut single on there, the magnificent “Never Expected“.

One look within this rare beauty and you can be sure to find enigmatic melodies full of wonder and bewilderment, riddling us about the secrets of the universe through their utter harmony. A peaceful environment lays out before us which rapidly changes as the atmosphere gets deeper and darker and it sheds its initial identity, revealing its alter ego: mysterious and cloudy, drama-infused patterns which coincidentally pack a rather mighty punch. This dramatic change within the track works wonders, catching the public by surprise before they know what hit them. While listening we are reminded us of the eternal struggle between darkness and light that appears to occur inside all of us.

A fantastic track by these two that will certainly cement their status in the scene. We expect to see and hear more tracks like this by the guys. If they follow down this route they are ultimately destined for greatness.

Released: 10/5/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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