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TranceFix Talks To Daxson

Under his Daxson guise, Dan Dobson’s been making all the right kind of waves of late. We thought we’d catch up and get to know him a little better!

Hey Dan, thanks for joining us here at TranceFix! First up we’d like to know how did you settle on the artist name Daxson?

I found this quite difficult, I think it took me at least two months of thinking and writing down different ideas. I couldn’t decide on using an anagram of my name or something relating to Bexley Square, which is where my studio is based. In the end I decided on Daxson, which is a mixture of both.

Reasonable! And for those that don’t know, where are you from and where are you based?

I grew up in the north east of England in between Durham & Newcastle then moved down to Manchester for university 10 years ago. During uni I got massively into the Trance scene here so once my course was over I decided to stay and never looked back, I feel at home here now. My studio is based in Salford but the city center feels like its expanded over the years, it’s less than a 10 minute walk to main parts of Manchester so feels pretty central.

How did the connection with Coldharbour Recordings first come about?

I’d been getting GDJB support from Markus for a couple of years but it was ‘Skygarden’ that really got their attention. I’d made it with Transmission, Prague in mind and sent it over a couple weeks before the festival. Next thing Markus was opening every set with it. Was pretty amazing seeing all the reactions online about it, while it was still an ID”.

You’ve just released ‘Culture Shock’, your sixth for the label. What’s the reaction to that been like?

It’s been amazing to see all the positive comments on this one & the mash up version I did with MK’s 17. It was actually a really big relief to see, as I wasn’t sure how people were going to take to the mash up with it having a vocal from a big radio hit over the top. I almost didn’t send it over to Markus as I was so unsure about it. It was only after I showed it to a friend who loved it and said it was a big one that I decided to finish it properly”.

Which Daxson and Dan Dobson tracks do you feel have had the greatest impact to date do you think?

“‘Persona’ was a big one for me. Armin was playing that one in his sets for the best part of a year including his set in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, which blew me away. I always feel that stuff I’m yet to release is my best yet. Can’t wait to share them!

You’re DJing a lot more these days. What have been the standout shows for you thus far?

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities that I get through the guys at Rong Events. Without a doubt some of my favourite gigs were at Venus nightclub in Manchester before it closed down. Getting to play in the main room of Victoria Warehouse at FSOE550 was amazing. Last year I made my debut in the main room at Digital in Newcastle for a sold out show with Above & Beyond, which was a big one for me. And of course both times I’ve played at Creamfields!

And what gigs do you have on the horizon that we should look out for? 

August is going to be a good one, I’m playing up in Glasgow for the first time at Coloursfest, headlining Blueprint in Manchester, back at Creamfields which is always a great weekend. Then in September back on residency duties for Rong Events 9th Birthday in Manchester. Also something in Asia at the end of the year to announce soon!

What’s your dream gig!?

Hard to say! There are so many places I really want to play. Getting to play in Utrecht for ASOT would be special, same goes for Tomorrowland. If I had to pick a club, Ministry of Sound in London and i’ve heard great things about Avalon in Hollywood, would love to play there as well”.

Finally what’s been the single greatest career highlight so far and musically what have you got in the pipeline?

If I can only choose one, thinking back it will have to be starting the Daxson alias exclusively for Coldharbour. A few years back I made a plan, wrote it down and worked on it everyday for a long time to get on this label, it’s a dream come true to be releasing my music with them regularly.

Lots more new music to come which I’m really excited about! Next release is my collab with Solis & Sean Truby called Trinity which is also featured on Nifra’s ‘Follow Me’ compilation album along with my remix of her track Dark Harbour. My remix for Markus Schulz & Adina Butar’s collaboration ‘Breathe Me To Life.’ I’ve got another remix coming out on Pure Trance plus two more singles lined up on Coldharbour later in the year. As well as a few more remixes that I’m working on”.

Thanks Dan. Best of luck with all that and hope to speak again in the future!

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