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TranceFix Review: Whiteroom-The Whiteroom (The Remixes) [AVA White]

Another track of epic proportions finds its way back into the spotlight. The reason? It was scheduled to undergo severe remix treatment by two of the dance music scene’s straightforward and purely creative artists. The track in question is the phenomenal, dreamy, melodic masterpiece that goes by the name “The Whiteroom“. This was crafted by two versatile and genre defying artists “Andy Moor” and “Adam White“. The partnership between these two was playfully dubbed “Whiteroom“. This track is a timeless jewel that has never lost its sparkle. Ask any loyal trance music enthusiast and he or she would solemnly admit that it still holds a special place in their heart. Mind gripping and soul piercing to the very core. Of course this release has seen its fair amount of remixes in the past which payed utter homage to the original, but the time was right for two more fresh approaches. The artists undergoing this labor are: “Ehren Stowers” and “AJ Gibson“, two fellow Englishmen who were more than eager to take on the challenge that lay out before them.

The Ehren Stowers Remix“:

This one focuses hard on the distinct vocal segment we all know and love performed by the legendary Singer/Songwriter “Jan Johnston“, which remains such a characteristic element of the original and the heart wrenching melody while he weaves his web of entangling acid-like effects, extra doses of fortified drama to heighten the feel of the track plus a powerful pinch of an uplifting essence, leading our emotions to new heights. A truly mesmerizing remix that is destined to work wonders on the dance floor.

The AJ Gibson Remix“:

This one takes things down an alternate route. More of a classic trance approach that is reminiscent of the good old days when “Tiesto” had a role in shaping the trance cosmos. Enhancing the emotional tinges of the original while reinventing it further, he enlists classic trance basslines, supercharged leads and a formidable buildup that takes no prisoners, while the haunting vocal looms in and out of the background like a lost soul hypnotizing us all by its splendor. A monster of a remix that is guaranteed to have the clubber’s souls inhaling it all in, while their arms find their way high in the air.

Two different remixes in this package that will undoubtedly have the dance music fans rubbing their hands eagerly with glee. Well done guys!

Released: 24/5/2019

Label: AVA White


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