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TranceFix Review: Henrik Nilsson feat. Jan Johnston-Forever [Pure Energy]

Hearing whispers of a new release in which the illustrious singer/songwriter “Jan Johnston” may appear instantly sends a jolt of excitement within us all. Jan is one of the first singer/songwriters to step into the wondrous world of dance music from early on and to this day attains one of the most charismatic presences on stage when performing the tracks she has become known for. “Flesh“, “Raging“, “Venus“, “Obsession” , “Calling Your Name” and many more remain all time favorites in the playlist of our heart. The rumors are indeed true and she reappears, presenting her newest collaboration alongside producer “Henrik Nilsson“.

The track is called “Forever” and is undoubtedly an emotional masterpiece. This one was created to commemorate the everlasting love “Henrik” has for the light in his life, who was sadly taken from him way too soon, in the direst of circumstances.

Rumbling basslines embedded with tear jerking melodies guide us towards the well awaited break in the track. Said break floods us with peaceful strokes of everlasting bliss, an illusion from reality including the fluttering of tiny wings and faraway calls of songbirds, all orchestrated perfectly, thus creating a heavily emotionally charged atmosphere, quite fitting for Jan to unleash her talents in a sublime vocal performance, wrought with emotions of sorrow, guilt, regret and the ultimate feeling that accompanies us all till the very end, hope. Magical, ethereal melodies and confessions of love pave the way to atonement which resides in the upbeat, supercharged leads and acid-like synths that follow.

A vocal anthem that was created with pure love by the artists involved which spreads a powerful message many around the world can relate to. Cherish what you have now and forever before it is taken from you at any given moment. A release that will get quite a response in the community and may remind us of another artist’s tragic loss (“Ram“) and his ode to his wife, “Ramelia“.

Released: 1/7/2019

Label: Pure Energy


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