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TranceFix Review-Daxson-Culture Shock [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of the UK’s brightest lights has been ascending ever so gracefully over the passing years. “Dan Dobson“, is the kind of artist that works hard on his craft and has reaped the fruits of his labor and then some. Tracks like “Bali Sunrise“, “Pressurized“, “Skygarden” and “Blackcard” and many more have equally had their fair share of support by some of the scene’s heavyweights, thus cementing his reputation as a producer further within the dance music scene.

Following his recent success through his productions, intriguing collaborations and DJ performances Dan has sat down once more to work on yet another killer track. We see him returning to the harbour of all things dark and rhythmical donning his “Daxson” alias once again. His latest offering to the trance scene is his latest single called “Culture Shock“.

Falling headfirst into an aural vortex of sound, we feel dazed as we are hurtled every which way, overwhelmed by a generous assortment of buzzing synths and time crunching beats. The break in the track arrives at the perfect moment, like a welcoming light at the end of a long and perilous journey, illuminating us with its beauty and essence of sheer confidence. Following in the footsteps of this newfound radiance while armed with a cosmic-like courage, we re-enter the world, powerful and strong, determined as the diligent, mighty leads guide us along the path to greatness.

Another club stomper from Dan whose creativity knows no bounds. Grab this one right now!

Released: 24/5/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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