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TranceFix Review: Remixed [Landscapes Music]

Always keen on our quest to discover new and exciting artists often leads to the discovery of a label that follows a different approach, one that breaks the mold and braves the oncoming waves with the agility of a worthy yet rugged master of the sea. One of these labels to keep on eye on is “Landscapes Music“. As the title of the label itself confesses it is purely focused on the exposure of a different kind of sound, one which origins lay in the grooves of a progressive nature, fall into deeper territories and project mental landscapes within one’s mind much like the renaissance masters of old. The label has found steady support by some of the industry’s finest and continues on, compelling the audience with a steady flow of releases.

Reaching a milestone moment, “Landscapes Music” sees its twentieth offering of sounds realized. To celebrate properly it was only fitting to invite up and coming artists as well as a few of dance music’s innovators to lend a hand in re-shaping the tunes you have before you. A fine selection of remixes await our eager ears, each one bringing a fresh approach and ulterior route to the original we loved.

A: “Die Berliner Hymne (Filterheadz Remix)-Horizons:

The definite ode to the majestic city of Berlin has been reworked and re-shaped into a tech-infused monster of a track. Legendary dance music outfit “The Filterheadz” waste no time in formalities, plunging headfirst into the groove. Undergroundish vibes submerged with the industrial vibe Berlin has been known to emanate, lay the basis for this one while hypnotizing melodies and leads leave us swaying to the music like robots programmed to do one thing and one thing only, dance!

B: “Borealis (The Wash Remix)-Jhonny LP:

This next one was assigned to an artist known as “The Wash“. Introesque segments of sound flood our soul with mental images of colorful horizons while deeper grooves and magical melodies guide us along a vast universe of tranquility and chilled soundscapes. An ideal way to start one’s set especially during sunset.

C: “Balance (The Boy From The Future Summer Remix)-Meanda:

Interesting remix title here by this future hero. Taking up remix duties, he provides us with a remix that has summer written all over it. The peaceful sound of the waves crashing on the shore, combined with the calls of seabirds, alongside melodies of aural delight, serve as the appetizer thus building the momentum of the track, much like the feeling we all get when summer is quickly approaching, so near we can feel it in the air. Beautiful, moving and deliciously pleasing this one is a definite choice to balance and soothe one’s emotions on the hardest of days. Heavenly.

D: “Focus (Enlusion Remix)-Willscape:

The slower paced track from the bunch, contains a deeper and nefarious nature, complete with popping sound effects, bone crunching basslines and mystical melodies. This one fits perfectly into that time of night when things get darker and deeper than usual. Mind altering music that bends the body and spirit.

A brilliant treasure trove of remixes that not only do the originals justice but also open them into new horizons, keeping pure creativity very much alive.

Released: 29/7/2019

Label: Landscapes Music


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