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TranceFix Review: Tenth Planet-Ghosts (Binary Finary Remix)

There is always a great difference of opinions when one of dance music’s classic tracks sees the green light to being revamped for the present. Each of us may behold the original version with a certain awe and treasure it beyond measure for all the memories it may hold. One listen to that track and we can be thrown way back in time, to a special place or moment when we first heard it. Music has that ultimate power.

When a track such as “Ghosts” by “Tenth Planet” is scheduled to be revived by a formidable artist duo such as “Binary Finary“, all thoughts or arguments cease and we eagerly await their latest musical endeavor. These guys always know how to churn out a big tune. If you have followed their body of work closely throughout the years and are perhaps familiar with their signature track “1998“, then you totally know what to expect.

Ghosts” which was released in 1998 has been updated for 2019 quite brilliantly. Paying homage to the original while adding more flare and power, the guys have assigned well thought out elements from psy-trance, progressive trance build-ups, fills and a somewhat Latin percussion, reminiscent of the “Safri-Duo-Played-A-Live” days. All are quite eloquently wrapped snugly around the alluring, distinct female vocals we all know so well performed by singer “Claire Pearce“, known for her work on tracks such as “Barraka-Song To The Siren“. Dramatic and enchanting as it was years ago and now updated in a magical way.

Here’s to another roundabout of this one in the clubs and airwaves. What a revival indeed.

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