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TranceFix Review: Anske & Ellie White-Bring My Spirit [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of dance music’s rising stars is without a second thought Lithuanian Andrej Anskinas more commonly known under his artist name “Anske“. From his early beginning up to current times he has seen dreams realized and loyal fans accumulated. There is something special in every track or remix he creates. Assembling glorious beats and iridescent harmonies with a riveting backbone is certainly his forte. Tracks like “Vilnius“, “Xplorer“, “Love Won’t End (feat. Victoriya)” and “The Light In You” are all ones that prove the above point.

A master of instrumentals as well as having a talent for vocal releases “Anske” finds himself teaming up with Romanian singer/songwriter “Ellie White” for his newest release. Ellie had another hit collab with Anske’s fellow “Coldharbour Recordings” team member “Dave Neven” a while back called “Try For Me” which ultimately found a sure way into our hearts and minds. Attempting to do so once more Anske and Ellie present us with their collab “Bring My Spirit“.

The listener is instantly captivated by the enormous beats at hand. Chugging basslines, signature “Anske” synths and a moody backdrop lead the way to the first break in the track. In the midst of it all Ellie lets her undeniable talents way out in the open, giving us an emotional, soul piercing vocal performance while making us shudder from head to toe from the feelings she invokes in us. The matching bright pads and enthralling leads take control, elevating our spirit to the highest mountaintops. The double break within works wonders ever charging our heart with endless amounts of positivity and a certain inner glow throughout the depths of our soul.

Enchanting, heartfelt, emotional yet powerful vocal trance at its finest. A sure fire starter that will definitely find a place in our favorite vocal releases of the year!

Released: 31/5/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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