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TranceFix Review: Memory Loss-Shapeshifter [AVA White]

One of Canada’s ambassadors of electronic dance music who’s been rising steadily through time is the artist with one of the most unique names out there, “Memory Loss“. This talented and passionate lady has been on fire in the studio, churning out release after release while touring the world showcasing her skills as a DJ at events such as “Dreamstate Vancouver“, “360e venue” in Mexico, countless “AVA Recordings Nights” around the globe and last year’s “In Trance We Trust at ADE 2018“. Her excellent choice of sublime touching melodies and steadfast rhythms in her productions have certainly made her stand out among her peers. This resulted in gaining instant recognition by some of the industry’s household names. Without further hesitation she finds herself back on home label “AVA Recordings White” imprint ready to amuse our ears with her marvelous new production that goes by the name “Shapeshifter“.

Frenzy filled rhythms tightly enclosed within the walls of sturdy basslines and playful percussion can certainly be found here. “Shapeshifter” delights the senses with its meticulous melodies, pounding basslines and golden age “Paul Van Dyk” reminiscent leads. Bedazzled by all that comes our way, this is a track that builds and progresses beautifully through its entire duration. Like a chameleon that morphs to adapt to its surroundings and re-adorns itself with a coat of fresh colors so does this one evolve and transfigure itself, re-establishing itself as a prime candidate for anthem of the summer. Fresh, joyous, confident and fearless are all words to describe this one perfectly.

One of “Memory Loss’s” superchargers to be sure, another successful tune from the lady with the endless imagination.

Released: 12/7/2019

Label: AVA White


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