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TranceFix Review: Claus Backslash-Illusion/Reality Is Over [Coldharbour Recordings]

The German architect of melodic trance is back in the forefront of electronic dance music after a brief absence. The artist in question is “Claus Backslash“, who has given us some tremendous releases over the past years such as: “Endless Summer“, “Insane Dreams” and “Mystic Vibes” among others. Always seeking to construct the next big tune out there, he carries on producing quality over quantity. His return to one of his favorite labels, “Coldharbour Recordings“, was imminent and he has brought with him an E.P that will certainly captivate your mind and please your ears accordingly. This new E.P contains two very special tracks: “Reality Is Over” and “Pure Illusion“. Let’s have a look inside shall we?

Reality Is Over“: Turbulent basslines, a whoosh of effects and a haunting almost chant-like vocal serve as the early hosts to this journey. A fascinating combination of tech fueled synths, magical melodies harbored among infinite playful vox and sunshine filled leads, ’tis definitely a high powered journey packed with adrenaline and joy.

Imagery of every day’s harsh reality quickly dissolves as an altered perspective opens its doors wide. A different reality in which our mind may willingly follow the sun on its mysterious journey as it descends gradually, sinking without resistance into the tranquil waters below which move slightly with every gust of wind like a delicate curtain. Our soul rejoices as we fly free, no worries or earthly hassles to chain us down or occupy our thoughts, just leaving us to bask in the beauty of all that nature provides. We re-enter our world a changed person, nevermore slaves to the world we knew. Our usual reality has been altered and we may now rejoice in our new found life.

Pure Illusion“: A follow up to the previous track, a definite sibling to be sure. Steadfast basslines, psy-trance-like fx and subtle undertones lay out the path to magnanimous piano melodies, majestic choirs and female longing vocal exhales while sunburst leads break through spreading infinite joy, breathing new life into any unfortunate soul that may be down on his luck or feeling blue. A beautiful, sublime track that makes you feel like you have snatched up a slice of heaven with every replay of this wonderful piece of music. Serenity unleashed!

Another sure hit E.P by a producer that has demonstrated on more than one occasion, the beauty of the world through his expressive eye opening music!

Released: 8/7/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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