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TranceFix Review: Ashley Smith-Another Day [Subculture]

There are clearly not enough female artists in the dance music world. A statement that has been noticed on a regular basis and is true on a global scale. DJs like “Sandra Collins“, “Suzy Solar“, “DJ Lottie” and “Lisa Lashes” have all become known due to their prolific abilities of weaving together a seamless set and have demonstrated their magnitude on numerous occasions while performing worldwide. As luck would have it we have seen more rising stars emerge onto the scene over the years. “Nifra“, “Memory Loss“, “Alessandra Roncone” and “Maria Healey” are great examples.

Slowly but surely another uber talent joins the ranks and is quickly paving down her own road to stardom. Scottish trance DJ/Producer “Ashley Smith“, has been putting in countless hours in her studio and after only five years of honing her craft she has achieved releases on esteemed labels such as “In Trance We Trust“, “Damaged“, “Extrema” and “After Dark”. Ashley’s passion and creativity for dance music knows no bounds. Her subtle blend of euphoric melodies and beats of an aggressive nature has further cemented her reputation in the scene while she continues to turn heads with her sublime performances at every event she plays. Now she is back in the game with a brand new release on “John O’ Callaghan’s” legendary label “Subculture” and it is a feisty one at that.

Another Day” is a relentless anthem in the making. Containing a tremendous infrastructure of power, acid-like effects, balearic melodies, female vocal one-liners, a healthy dose of uplifting plus a playful twist: a synth reminiscent of “The Prophet” by “CJ Bolland“. Dark yet hopeful all wrapped up in one delicious package. A tremendous peak time trancer that will instantly get one’s adrenaline rushing from the very first moment. Ashley cleverly balances each element in the track finely, thus attaining the perfect harmony of sounds and contrast between emotion and aggression. Would certainly like to see more like this one Ashley, keep them coming.

Released: 26/7/2019

Label: Subculture


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