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TranceFix Review: Mike EFEX-Wolfenstein E.P [Coldharbour Black]

One of “Coldharbour Recordings” go to artists is surely “Mike EFEX“. Having tempted us for years on end with his unique take on dance music, Mike has always known how to excite us with every release he launches in our direction. “Labyrinth“, “Blackstone“, “Proxima” and the infamous “BX8” are prime examples of his exceptional abilities to produce. After his phenomenal debut on “Coldharbour Recordings Black” imprint with his “BX8 E.P“, Mike could not wait to be back.

His newest venture, the three track E.P called “Wolfenstein” is another long player of dark twisted grooves and infinite grandeur. Take your seats and open your mind wide, let’s take a voyage together into Mike’s latest offering.

Exodus“: Dark stripped back grooves can be found within, accentuated by peculiar yet haunting melodies, male vocal phrases, special effects and an utter mischievous tendency to amuse the ears and trigger the mind. An essential tool for those open to close sets many a DJ aspire to play. Diverse, original, creative yet dark and dreary, that is its definite beauty.

Hydrus“: Sneaky basslines and simplified percussion allow this one to crawl like a serpent gradually out of the woodwork. Following on its sibling’s trail, we encounter a nefarious melody at the core of it all while menacing leads aspire to drag us kicking and screaming into a world of wicked nature and pitch black skies. Another tune that will surely find its place into the hearts of any real dance music enthusiast due to its versatile and uncontrolled essence.

Wolfenstein“: The title track of the E.P itself is the most aggressive and turbulent one from the bunch. Faster paced, intricate rhythms spill out in the open as it demonstrates its total authority. Spooky, deep male vocal outbursts, hypnotizing leads, reverse effects and wasp induced choruses add to the raw brilliance of this one. Late night adventures in dark mazes, in search of hidden trinkets easily form in our mind while the guardian of the treasure trove itself is prowling about scouring the land for intruders. A ruthless, tech-fueled track that will bring the crowd to its knees amidst the smoke and flashing strobes.

A thrilling descent into a deeper, darker realm often hidden in our very own subconscious. Mass respect to “Mike EFEX” for pulling this off.

Released: 19/7/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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