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TranceFix Review: The Blizzard-Molecular [Pure Trance]

One of Norway’s finest dance music outfits is undoubtedly “The Blizzard“. Lars Nyheim and Tore Vatle Jensen are the prolific wizards behind the curtain and they have supplied us over the years with some of the freshest, most eloquent and melodic tunes out there. “Kalopsia“, “Luminescence“, “I’mpossible“, “Piercing The Fog” are fine examples of music that has all found a sure place in our hearts. Drawn to their craft, these two can never remain idle for too long.

Their new single “Molecular” has been unleashed on renowned artist “Rich Solarstone’s” label, “Pure Trance“. This production is evident proof that these guys are experts at creating blissful trance with a hint of progressive. Hiding within we encounter pumping basslines, injected by an aural infusion of fresh melodic outbursts which set the mood for what lurks ahead. A riveting experience unfolds assembled by a fine progression, a serene breakdown and the wonderful pairing of illustrious, ethereal melodies alongside a sturdy backdrop and melodic tinges which flow down like light rain on a sunny day.

Mental images of a wondrous drive along the majestic coast on a cloudless day creep into our mind. The sun is high in the sky accentuated by endless blue, glowing down upon us like the rightful King of the heavens while a mischievous gust of wind caresses our cheeks. We breathe in the aroma of the sea as we drive along and marvel at the raw force and definite beauty of the endless frothy waves as they crash ever so dramatically on the brown gleaming rocks below. These final days of summer cast an everlasting enchantment upon us. Secretly wishing for days like this to never cease we lock this memory away among other treasured moments savoring every minute while taking in the breathtaking view.

Leave it to “The Blizzard” to perfectly assimilate and conjure up scenes of rare beauty and emotional vigor. Another gem by the Norwegian artisans of sound. Eagerly awaiting their future work!

Released: 2/9/2019

Label: Pure Trance


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