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TranceFix Review: Fisherman-Nature vs. Nurture [Coldharbour Recordings]

The Netherlands is a country certainly known for its large amount of talented artists in the dance music scene. One of these artists is Isaac Vissers, who goes by the DJ/Producer name “Fisherman“. Previous one half of the massively successful dance music duo “Fisherman & Hawkins“, he has been paving his very own path to stardom since the beginning of his solo career and has achieved new heights as of late. One of these highlights is his appearance on “Armin Van Buuren’s” prestigious “A State Of Trance” radio show, where he delivered an exclusive guest mix, talked about his productions and enlightened one and all about his music and other ventures such as the much talked about “Airwalk Indoor Trance Event“.

A concept that was born in Isaac’s creative mind came to life earlier in the year, making an imminent impact in the scene. The idea was a series of original releases which included the word “versus” in each of them. Each single was packed with fragments of information and clues which ultimately led to shedding light on the bigger picture which was right in front of us. We have witnessed and aurally devoured tunes of this series such as “Man vs. Machine“, “Predator vs. Prey“, “Love vs. Lust“. All eternal challenges and constant struggles that we as mere mortals are destined to battle on a daily basis. The latest in this series of baffling skirmishes is called “Nature vs. Nurture” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“.

Mechanical effects, whooshes and bangs, instantly highlight the tech-driven synths and sturdy, pumped up basslines while a spine tingling female vocal floats ever so gracefully among curious melodies and super charged saw leads, like a spirit guiding us towards the light. Utilizing his affinity for huge anthem-like leads “Fisherman” pulls out all the stops in this one as the surprises as well as the dramatic drops keep on coming. An anthem in the making which will surely haunt you and ignite your inner craving for much more like this. Another brilliant piece by the man who continues to create tunes that pound the speakers and shake the dance floors.

Released: 9/8/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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