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TranceFix Review:Dustin Husain & Rinaly-Hypernova [AVA White]

Two of dance music’s rising stars, each with their own feats, mindsets and originality have come together for one glorious release. “Dustin Husain” from the U.S.A. and “Rinaly” from Japan proudly present the product of endless brainstorming and countless hours in the studio between these two: the undeniable “Hypernova” thus marking a welcome return to “AVA Recordings” for Rinaly and a first time appearance for Dustin.

High powered beats approach us from the very first second. The energy within this one is relentless while an array of effects parade one by one ever so grandly throughout the mix. Flangers zip through the rolling bass and steadfast percussion while chopped vocal snippets tumble through the vortex of space within. “Paul Van Dyk” early day influences can also be detected making it even more special and diverse. When the well awaited release arrives after the break we are over compensated by a flow of aggressive synths, uplifting leads and a gradual rising turbulence.

Visions of a shooting star burning bright, while racing at warp speed throughout the darkest and furthest corners of deep space can easily be formed within one’s mind. A dynamic, thrilling, ecstatic and magical collaboration which totally deserves your attention. These two are flying mighty high with this one!

Released: 25/10/2019

Label: AVA Recordings


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