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TranceFix Review: Lostly feat. Claire Willis-Neon Skies [Coldharbour Recordings]

Another label debut for high climber DJ/Producer “Lostly“. An artist responsible with flooding our cosmos with some of modern dance music’s most eclectic tunes, he keeps on chasing his dreams, always a keen researcher of the next big melody to incorporate into his music. The next stop on his musical journey has brought him to the one and only “Coldharbour Recordings“. On his latest musical labor he has teamed up with one of dance music’s rising singer/songwriters, English native “Claire Willis“. Claire has had her fair share of success, boasting an already large catalog of hit releases on labels such as “AVA Recordings“, “Armada“, “Vandit” and many more.

Neon Skies” is out now and it is quite the aural delight, containing the perfect balance of vocals thus continuing to be edgy and fresh. A fine selection of steadfast beats which progress ever so gracefully while a vocal segment of Claire’s voice echoes in the background, like a ghost lingering on in the world of the living. Her time to shine arrives in the break of the track, her voice clairvoyant with a gradual emotion takes us all to new depths of wonder and invokes the stir of feelings within the core of our essence. The lush melodies that follow, emanating from within, build and build, transforming themselves into high powered emotional-driven leads that dominate anyone with an active heartbeat.

An added bonus to the package is the return of English DJ/Producer “Harry Square” to the harbour, settling in for remix duties. Harry delivers a solid, mind altering approach while incorporating the sound he has become known for. Expect a fair amount of gradual tension, saw stabs and dramatic yet anthemic leads while keeping the absolute essentials of the track’s identity that being the lush melodies and Claire’s vocal delights.

Amazing work by all artists involved, making this release a total contender for one of the year’s guilty pleasures.

Released: 4/10/2019

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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